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Maritime Management Services
21400 International Blvd S.
Suite #302
SeaTac, WA, 98198
Phone: +206-824-8500
Fax: +206-824-8501

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Maritime Management Services, Inc. (MMS) is a vessel management and crewing company providing quality management personnel with the knowledge to successfully and cost effectively manage marine resources by analyzing the customer’s requirement, adapting to what current and future needs will be and understanding the changing maritime environment.


The business of managing ships has become more complex each year. Vessel owners need to be assured that a properly placed management system is in place for their organization in order to ensure that the financial accountabilities are being met and cost control procedures are implemented and monitored. The vessel must be well equipped and properly maintained to perform its mission and reduce the high costs of vessel down time. It is essential that vessel operators meet the mission requirements at all times and ensure that effective
communication is in place between, operator, vessel and owner.


For more information regarding vessel management please contact us at



MMS’s business concept is to create an environment where the owners can utilize the resources and knowledge provided by MMS to manage, maintain and deal with daily operating, maintenance and regulatory issues on their vessels. MMS also acts as a 3rd party observer to existing operations in order to ensure that proper management and maintenance procedures are being followed. We instill an environment where throughout daily operations, the MMS team works closely with each other as well as the other operational and technical personnel onboard. MMS understands and
has a proven track record with offshore and near shore projects and logistics. With close oversight of the operating budget, MMS’ management fees are offset by the annual savings it provides.

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